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AntiGerms Freezer

The SMART sterilization unit for book drying and insects exterminator with two functions
Function 1: Freezing - Drying
Function 2: Drying - Freezing

Freezer -31 unit works as a vacuum freezer and drier. About 100-600 books can be frozen in 6-8 hours of the cycle (quantity of books depend on the size of books). Two cycles can be completed in 24 hours.

Effective Use

The Freezer -31 is fully automatic and developed with more efficient and easy for disinfection of manuscripts, rare books, documents, new affected books and papers. It is tested and proven in exterminating bugs such as insects in their adult, pupa or eggs life forms by freezing up to -30°C and above

Technical System

Freezer -31 unit includes electro-mechanical systems which is newly designed for anti germs freezer modified with an international standard freezer in three different models.


Universities, city libraries and big organization's (high tech offices), huge manuscripts and books collector's etc.
Kills germs, bacteria, insects
Does not require any chemical substances or poisonous gas.
Dry wet books, documents, manuscripts
Automatic control system
Freezer temperature upto -31°C and above
Easy care and installation instructions
Working cycle upto 6-8 hours
Less maintenance required
The Process

State of the art process in redeveloping the freezer


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